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Thanks for joining us at Passion Talks 2016. It was a great success. This site is up for reference only.

The Passion Talks 2016 Conference WAS August 12-13th.

Friday, August 12th, 2016. Google Campus in Mountain View. Limited access to Speakers, Guests of Speakers, Google Employees, and Guests of Google Employees.

Saturday, August 13th, 2016. Convergence House of Prayer in Fremont. Open access at: 200 Hammond Ave, Fremont, CA 94539.

Passion Talks have been hosted at Stanford University, Berkeley, and now Google and Convergence House of Prayer. We have a record breaking number of talks and had to turn away more than ever before. This is the fourth annual Passion Talks Conference that spans two days with close to 40 different talks. Speakers are flying in from different parts of the US with quite a few local talks from Stanford, Berkeley, UCSC, Google, Facebook, Apple and many more with topics spanning through medicine, technology, education, humanities, social justice, economics, etc. Friday’s talks are invitation only. Registration is now opened for Saturday’s talks:

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Come join us for the biggest ever Passion Talks event where speakers talk about how their faith motivates their passions and how their passions inform their faith!


Event Registration is now opened. Submissions are mostly closed as we have more than enough talks. You can still submit for the time being, and be put on the waitlist.

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Passion Talks offer speakers an opportunity to give short talks about their work, faith, passions, and dreams. Each talk is 10-15 minutes, may include a powerpoint presentation, and will be followed by 5 minutes for Q&A.

Past Conferences

Passion Talks 2015

This is our third year hosting Passion Talks, and through the service and time of many people, we’ve grown this conference quite a bit. This year we were able to fill three tracks of concurrent talks, totalling to 23 presentations. We had 130 pre-registered attendees not to mention even more who registered on-site. You can visit the official site here. This year we had academics and professionals speaking from Stanford University, Berkeley, Google, and many other schools and companies. Topics ranged from law, technology, education, renewable energy, philosophy, and more. (original post)

Passion Talks 2014

The second official Passion Talks Conference happened on August 23rd, 2014. We had 86 people registered to attend this day long event in Berkeley. We had 20 talks, including a keynote by Dr. Lara Buchak. This time around, we had so many wonderful talks that we needed to split the conference into two tracks. Talks ranged from design, education, business, physics, mathematics, technology, environment, health, and other topics. Main conference site can be found here: (original post)

Passion Talks 2013

The Passion Talks conference was a tremendous success with 17 speakers flying in from as far as Boston and Phoenix. The digital copy of the program can be found here. We had 60 registered attendees and more who registered onsite. The topics went from personal to professional testimonies spanning the areas of neuroscience, computer vision, telecommunication, physics, cosmology, humanities, business, media, and many more. In addition to the professionals, over 5 universities were represented, including MIT, Berkeley, and Stanford. (original post)


Q: What are the main differences between Friday and Saturday?

Besides location, Friday is limited access for speakers only. Saturday will be at a church and is more directly centered on the Christian faith.

Q: Can I speak on Friday and Saturday?

Depending on availability in spots, this is possible. We will schedule these talks starting in July.

Q: Is Friday for industry or Google employees only?

This conference is opened to everyone, and we will select talks based off of appropriateness of content and qualifications of speaker. Friday will be opened to all speakers which include: non Google employees, students, etc. If you are not a speaker or Google employee, you get to join on Saturday. If you’d like to join on Friday, then submit a talk!

Q: What sort of talk should I submit?

Based off of current submissions this year (and from past years), the talks generally fall into three categories:
 — IDENTITY – an Identity talk is a personal or professional testimony. It captures a personal and unique experience. Analogous to giving a testimony in church.
 — IDEOLOGY – an Ideology talk is based off of scripture and theological insight and revelation. These talks resemble mini-sermons for people who’ve had a particular message they’d connected with and would like to share.
 — INNOVATION – an Innovation talk tends to focus more on technology, research, science, etc. It’s more focused on vocation, career, and innovations of specialized areas. These resemble TED talks most.